My journey with chronic pain began because someone I know has complex regional pain syndrome following crush injury.

Dear pain sufferers and supporters:

I decided to start this blog mainly as a way to reach out to as many neuropathic pain sufferers (and supporters) as possible.

This blog will explore ways that we can all (collectively) help people with neuropathic pain, whether it is to increase awareness of neuropathic pain, support our academic pain researchers better, stimulate pain research into novel pain research areas, raise awareness of the need to increase pain management resources including reduced wait times, more pain specialists/pain doctors, etc.

(Hopefully this is my small way to help make this planet a little bit better, one step at a time.)

Since this blog is dedicated to all people with neuropathic pain (regardless of nationality, religion, skin colour, language, culture, age, gender, etc), I would also like to invite your own ‘pain stories’. I would also like to hear from former pain sufferers, since your stories will inspire and offer hope to those currently suffering from pain.

I will endeavour to share some promising academic research studies, in order to offer further hope. There is so much great work being done out there! I will invite academic researchers to share their exciting developments with you. After all, given that these researchers have voluntarily chosen to do pain research (instead of some other job like banking or farming, etc), then, presumably, they are also there for neuropathic pain patients!

I would like to invite correspondence from caring pain specialists too. Without them, many pain patients would be much worse off. In fact, many patients are no longer in pain because of many talented and caring pain clinicians!

In summary, this blog is about helping patients with neuropathic pain, whether this is by raising awareness or otherwise.

This blog is also about the unsung heroes who are involved in pain research (both past and present), as well as those who are involved in the clinical and professional medical care of pain patients.

Last, but not least, this blog is about anyone, and everyone, with compassion for those who endure neuropathic pain.

Let us begin this journey together via this blog! After all, Pain Matters!

See you tomorrow!

Sabina Walker
Master Appl. Sc. (Neuroscience)


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