Stem Cells and Nerve Pain

Dear Pain Matters blog readers,

Stem cells have always intrigued me!  One day, stem cells may even play a role in relieving nerve pain.

Recently, Sydney researchers removed mesenchymal stem cells via liposuction (lipoaspirate collection) from 10 patients with neuropathic trigeminal pain.  Once isolated, these stem cells were locally injected into the patients’ facial nerve pain fields via syringe.

It was found that the mesenchymal stem cells significantly reduced pain levels at 6 months in half of the 10 female patients with neuropathic trigeminal pain (5 patients), also resulting in reduced pain medication intake by these patients.    

This study demonstrates that stem cell therapy may offer additional pain treatment options for nerve pain sufferers (following further research).

Wishing all pain sufferers less pain.

Sabina Walker


(1) Vickers ER, Karsten E, Flood J, Lilischkis R; A Preliminary Report on Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathic Pain in Humans; Journal of Pain Research (2014); 7: 255–263

doi: 10.2147/JPR.S63361

PMCID: PMC4020887

(2) Franchi et al; Adult Stem Cell as New Advanced Therapy for Experimental Neuropathic Pain Treatment; BioMed Research International (2014); Article ID 470983, Pages 1-10 (10 pages).

doi: 10.1155/2014/470983

PMCID: PMC4147203

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