‘One Girl’ From Australia Named Chantelle Baxter Is Determined Not To Let CRPS Win!

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Go Fund Me – Help Chantelle heal from CRPS


Dear Pain Matters blog readers,

Today I would like to write about a very brave and inspirational young woman named Chantelle Baxter, a 32-year old entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia, who sadly developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) last year after twisting her left ankle during a hike in Portland, Oregon.

Chantelle is undergoing a 10-week pain treatment program at The Neurologic Relief Center, Arkansas, USA (headed by Dr. Katinka van der Merwe).  Because of its expenses, Chantelle is grateful for any donations (via ‘Go Fund Me’) that may help finance her pain treatments:



Chantelle Baxter, before CRPS
Source of image:  The Age (17 April 2017).

CRPS is Not ‘Rare’ in Fracture Patients 

Complex regional pain syndrome is often said to be ‘very rare’.

However, the next blog post highlights 4 medical papers that suggest otherwise.  Specifically, these studies state that CRPS may arise in anywhere from 7% to 48.5% (ie almost half!) of all fracture patients following fracture and treatment.

I don’t know about you … but if the number of fracture patients who develop CRPS varies anywhere from 7% to almost half (!) of all fracture patients, this certainly does not sound like a ‘rare’ condition!   

See next blog post for statistical details about CRPS in fracture patients.


Who is Chantelle Baxter?

Several years ago, Chantelle set a goal to educate one million (1,000,000!) girls in Africa by 2020.  To help achieve this altruistic goal, Chantelle co-founded ‘One Girl’, one of Australia’s fastest growing non-profit organizations.  So far, One Girl has already reached out to thousands of girls and women in Sierra Leone and Uganda.


Chantelle was recently selected as one of the ’30 Influential Aussie Women Under 30′ as well as ‘Melbourne’s Top 100 Most Influential People’ by Melbourne’s paper, The Age.

Wow!  This is One Girl with One Big Heart!!

Chantelle’s Current Challenge:  CRPS Caused by a Twisted Left Ankle During a Hike 

Chantelle has painful CRPS caused by a twisted left ankle that occurred during a hike last year in Portland, Oregon.  While Chantelle did not fracture her left ankle, her entire left foot started to burn with severe pain and it became ‘incredibly swollen’ with ‘a purple, red colour’.

Chantelle flew back to Australia from Portland, Oregon, the very next day after her hike.  Sadly, by the time she landed, she could hardly put any weight on her left foot.  Quoting Chantelle:

‘By that stage my foot was a strange purple, red colour and incredibly swollen … I knew something was very wrong — so I spent the next six weeks getting every test under the sun — MRI, ultrasound, bone scan, CT scan, blood work — I visited specialist after specialist and none of them could give me an answer about what was going on …’

Chantelle continued:

‘… and eventually I gave up trying to find an answer and flew back to the US, where a doctor finally diagnosed me with CRPS [in January 2017].’

Chantelle describes CRPS as (quoting):

“someone is melting the bones inside my legs. Like I’m being burnt alive from head to toe. Or that my entire body was being dipped in acid.”


Despite nicknaming CRPS ‘The Suicide Disease’ (due to the extreme pain levels that she endured), Chantelle is not known as One Girl who gives up easily in the face of adversity and challenge.

As stated earlier, Chantelle is undergoing a 10-week treatment program at The Neurologic Relief Center, Arkansas, USA (headed by Dr. Katinka van der Merwe).

Chantelle’s treatments for CRPS include:

  • ARP Wave therapy;
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent; and
  • Daily chiropractic adjustments to release the pressure on her vagus nerve (see References on Dr. Kevin Tracey’s extensive research on the importance of the efferent vagus nerve including its role in inflammation and pain).



Source of image:  Cunningham, Melissa. The Age (17 April 2017).
(There is also a 2-minute video in this link.)


Source of image:  https://www.gofundme.com/chantellebaxter


Here’s hoping for this One Girl’s speedy recovery from CRPS!

Sabina Walker

Pain Matters blogger

An Important Update

Please see my update on 29 April 2017 on Chantelle Baxter, who is finally starting to recover from CRPS!:



About Chantelle Baxter and One Girl

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4 thoughts on “‘One Girl’ From Australia Named Chantelle Baxter Is Determined Not To Let CRPS Win!”

  1. Our 14 year old daughter was diagnosed late last year / early this year, without any prior inflicted injury, and had it initially in her left foot….it moved up to her left arm, then down to her right foot and lower leg, then her neck, arm and right hand…..it’s a hideous disorder however the biggest thing that helped her manage her pain levels ( it is not a cure – it is simply a pain management lifestyle ) is meditation and hypnosis. We cannot praise enough the work that hypnosis guru Mark Stephens has done for her ( https://mindfreeapp.com ) and how he has helped her with her pain management. We also found peppermint oil works a treat massaged into the affected area. Also we have started with magnesium gel / cream too as magnesium levels seem to play a big part in it……..but truly, meditation – NOT medication seems to be the best treatment for our daughter.
    I was ALWAYS a skeptic of hypnosis and believed it to be all show for comedic purposes however I will never doubt it ever again after seeing what Mark did for our daughter in 5 minutes more than doctors and medication could do in months !
    It may not work for everyone however it is worth a shot – it is far cheaper than flying all around the world for non proven experimental healing.
    Sleep pattern definitely affects her – late nights and not enough sleep seems to bring it on as does anxiety which is a HUGE common thread between teenage girls ( the highest demographic of CRPS sufferers ) so we try different calming techniques which help. I do believe diet probably has a bit of a part to play in it too which is the next thing we’ll be reviewing with Chloe but in the mean time we massage her with peppermint oil and now magnesium cream and it helps her sleep better with less or no pain. She still has her moments like yesterday when her feet wouldn’t work and she couldn’t walk properly unaided and we had to assist her into the shower but she is 1,000% better compared to before.
    I’ve attached links to Chloe’s story on A Current Affair recently where she went on to help spread awareness for others who may be feeling alone…..we had no idea what it was or why she got it however now there are so many people coming out with it, so hopefully by talking about it we may help doctors better understand this disorder.
    The initial episode when we didn’t know what it was – https://www.9now.com.au/a-current-affair/2018/extras/clips/clip-cjiu2pq9f00090imtdsi79lv7
    Hypnosis guru Mark and his initial visit to our home and some short hypnosis “sessions” – https://www.9now.com.au/a-current-affair/2018/extras/clips/clip-cjj9u8ak300190go34y905eak
    Then the remarkable results we achieved through Mark’s hypnosis and meditation guidance at his health retreat – https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/08/17/15/01/chloe-cured-complex-regional-pain-syndrome-hypnosis-meditation-treatment
    Just a short update video on it here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px3m3bdyQi8
    Now please note for the record – I am not paid, I am not re-imbursed, I am not in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM financially benefiting from Mark, his app or even mentioning him and his work…..I am simply paying forward the wonderful work he did, unpaid for our daughter and to help raise better awareness of this disease / disorder. This coming Monday, the 5th November, wear something ( or everything ) bright orange to show your support for CRPS Day !!! We will find better treatment and hopefully one day a cure for this hideous disease !


    1. Dear Grant,
      (Please forgive me for my late reply … I am still trying to navigate my way around WordPress.)
      Thank you for sharing your story about your daughter!
      I agree that hypnosis and meditation may help with pain.
      Have you looked at my blog posts on both hypnosis/hypnotherapy/autogenic training as well as meditation? (I can provide the links if you cannot find these blog posts.)
      I hope that your daughter will continue to recover daily.
      Warm regards,
      Sabina Walker
      Pain Matters blogger


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